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Access Control

Entry Access Systems

ITC Solutions provides a wide range of entry access systems, making it easy to secure specific rooms, buildings or other access points. Explore our solutions below:

Proximity Access

Proximity access cards are smart cards can be read without physically touching or entering an access control point. Proximity Access cards are a used in building access, cashless vending, identification, tolls and ticketing, among other applications.


RFID, or radio frequency identification, uses electromagnets to identify someone trying to access an area through an RFID tag or keyfob. RFID access control can be used for building, departmental or room access, and are often found in medical buildings, parking structures, secure elevators and other applications.


Barcode entry systems use a key tag or other card device that is read by the entry access system. The system reads the barcode provided and gives realtime feedback as to the authenticity and privileges assigned to that cardholder. Barcode entry systems are often seen in fitness clubs or as a log-in for customer loyalty programs at retail stores.

Telephone Entry

Telephone entry access systems utilize a call box to contact someone within a building or area who can then allow or prevent access to the caller. Telephone entry access systems are often seen in apartment buildings, municipal buildings and gated communities.

Simple Keypad

Keypad entry access systems utilize a short numerical code that must be entered in order to gain access to an area. Simple keypad entry access systems are often found on home and residential entries, as well as commercial and automotive applications.


Turnstile entry access systems allow for easier crowd control by providing a gated access point. Turnstiles can prevent unauthorized entry into an area, and can be used to quantify people accessing an area. Turnstiles can also be set up to include additional entry access systems, such as proximity access or barcode, to provide security. Turnstiles are often used in retail and secure office settings, such as secure elevators. Turnstiles are also often used in mass transit systems and entertainment venues.

ADA door operators

Powered door opening operators provide ADA-compliant entry access for those with disabilities. ADA door operators are often activated by a push control located adjacent to the doors. ADA door openers provide easier access to retail centers and public buildings.

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ITC Solutions is proud to work with access control system suppliers such as these:
Altronix, AMAG, Amano, BAI Security, Boon Edam, HID, Maxxess, Level and Fargo.