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Data & Networking Solutions

ITC Solutions is a leader in digital and data security. From networking to telecommunications, ITC can customize a data solution for your needs.

LAN Networking

Securing your local area network (LAN) is important because without it your digital and financial assets are at risk of misuse, modification or theft. ITC can consult and secure your network and give you the keys you need to manage it.


Fiber optic cables allow large amounts of data to be transmitted quickly. ITC Solutions can assist your organization in setting up a local area network using fiber optic cables, or consult and secure your existing fiber network.


Secure communication via telephone often involves equipment that secures both voice and data over the line. Many security systems use phone lines to communicate with monitoring stations, whether over a cell signal or through a physical phone line. Let ITC set up your phone system to ensure security and safety in communication.

Wireless Networks

Much like local area networks (LAN), wireless networks can put your organization's digital and financial assets at risk of misuse, modification or theft without proper security. ITC Solutions can consult and secure your network and give you the keys you need to manage it.

Digital Signage

Communicate with the public using digital signage. These signs resemble television screens or computer monitors, and can be mounted almost anywhere. Digital signage is often used in public venues and mass transit systems, but can also often be found in waiting rooms and advertising applications.


ITC Solutions is proud to work local digital signage professionals at
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